GST, IBA Approved & ISO Certified packers and movers Bill (100% Verified)

Do you desire to have a packers and movers bill? We provide a 100% original bill which is GST approved. That too at rates which don’t pinch your pocket. Packers and Movers Bill For Claim is a well-established name in the in the field of Packing and Moving and speicall for original packers and movers bill for reimbursement. We provide a wide range of relocation services which is unparalleled. What is special about us is that the services are offered with an added security cover in the form of insurance and dedicated and state of the art storage houses in most of the cities of India. We move everything for you like Cars, bikes, Furniture, Electronics, Computer Systems, Office equipment’s, fragile items, artifacts etc.

100% authentic and Verified Bills

Get all 6 sets of documents from verified packers which includes GST no, ISO certified and IBA approved with company seal and signature

Low Price Guarantee

We can assure that you get the best and most competitive price packers bill in the market. No hidden fees and no unfair amount and payment is in cash and online.

Simple and legitimate process

Our packers and movers bill for the claim process is simple and genuine. We understand your requirements briefly, analyse and work according to your flexibility.

Complete support till Reimbursement

We will assign a dedicated manager and assist you in all possible ways to get your reimbursement done. We have tie up with multiple corporates and our bill also saves your tax while ITR.

Packers & Movers bill for claim provided by us is approved by top corporates as well as startups. We are among India’s best bill for claim service providers. If you had a household moving long time ago and misplaced your household moving bill you can approach us to regenerate the same without costing much. You can get the invoice from us in almost all major cities of India like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Indore, Guwahati to name a few.

You Can Generate Packers and Movers In PDF Format By Simply Filling Your Requirement

There might be times when you have lost your relocation bill during shifting. In such a stage we help you claim your reimbursement since we understand how cumbersome it is to go through the entire shifting process. If your company provides for a shifting allowance then that bill must be genuine.

Our reliable documentation helps you secure timely reimbursement claims without any hassles. We assure you that you don’t have to bear any hidden costs to get our bill.

Licensed & Certified:

Get GST-approved packers and movers bills from a fully Licensed and certified relocation company.

No Hidden Fees:

Highly competitive price service with transparency in Pricing just affordable service from us.

Door-to-Door Service:

Doorstep service with computer-printed packers and movers bills in PDF format or Hard copy.

Customer Satisfaction:

Your happiness is our priority. We support and go the extra mile to ensure you find the best service.


  • Step 1
    Once you contact us we understand all your requirements and create a sample copy of your packers and movers bill.
  • Step 2
    Once you approve that we will create the original documents of your bill with GST no, Seal, SIgnature, LR no and truck details. A set of 6 documents will be created.
  • Step 3
    After that you have made the payment of the given account details and shared with us the proof of payment
  • Step 4
    Once your payment is processed we will share a soft copy with you via email and a hard copy will be mailed to your address.


Now the point to concentrate is how to obtain a genuine bill from a reputed firm. We will guide you through the whole process:-

1. View the track record & licenses of Packer & Mover – You must contact a reputed packers and mover for your relocation needs. Select a mover who is reliable and legally carries your belongings from one place to another. Verify whether the firm is registered or not. Whether the relocator has a license or not. Do the packers & movers have a GST registration or not.

You must remember that well known packers & movers like packers can guarantee that your belongings reach your far off new place safe and sound.

2. What you should take care while getting a bill of claim for packers and movers – While taking a bill of claim from a packer and mover you should see that 100% legitimate method of bill generation has been adopted by the relocator. The bill should contain the name of the firm and complete address with phone numbers. The bill should contain the GST No. of relocator. You can ask them for previous bills issued to various customers. A genuine firm will surely show these documents. Just see whether the firm has shown GST No. on these bills and whether GST charges have been applied on the services or not.

3. Check the detail of GST – The primary GST rates for any regular taxpayer are pegged at 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% & 28%. Mostly packers and movers offer five major services. Those are dismantling, packing, loading, transportation and unloading. If you are merely using the services of transportation GST @ 5% will be charged. If you are utilizing the services like packing, loading, unloading in case of the format of house shifting bill GST @ 18% will be applicable. An approved packer and movers like Packers & Movers will always bill you according to Govt. of India regulations.

4. Documents required to claim packers and movers bill – The following documents are required to claim packers and movers bill.

  • (i) Consignment Copy – You must have heard of the term “Bulty”. That is what it is. It is in fact for the consigner who receives the belongings after they have arrived at the new destination. It has four copies. One for the consignee, another for the consigner. The third one is for the driver and the fourth one for the office.
  • (ii) List of items – This is one of the most important items not only for the counting of item purposes but also helps to determine the amount of the bill. It is one of the major items to secure a bill from the office of packers and movers.
  • (iii) Print of GST No. on the bill – This one is of primary importance. Before filing the claim it is urgent that the GST No. of the relocator issuing the bill is mentioned on the bill.
  • (iv) Money receipt – The cash receipt that is the amount you paid to the relocator is a proof that you have taken services from a packing and moving company.

How to judge whether a bill is genuine or not

  • (i) Format of the bill – On the top of the bill you will find the name of the firm, address, phone no., logo, GST No. , Website address, GST No. & Email address. There will be an invoice No. on the bill which is number for reference anytime in future. The invoice Date & delivery Date will be clearly mentioned on the bill.
  • (ii) Amount mentioned on the bill – A genuine bill will carry the subtotal of each service offered on the bill. Later the total of all the services will be done. Then the taxes and insurance charges applied will be mentioned in the end and will be included in the total. On the down side you will find the company stamp & the signature. You will also find the payment details like Account No., Google Pay, and Phone pay no. & online banking details.
  • (iii) Submit all documents at your office – strong>You need to submit all documents we provide at your office to make the reimbursement process seamless. Consignment copy, list of documents, GST No. on the bill, Money receipt, Driver’s license, Lorry No. if reqd. Submitting these documents which we shall provide you makes the process of reimbursement smooth and without any hassles. Some companies also demand quotations from the packers and movers which we can easily provide initially for approval by your company.

Key benefits of the guidelines above

The purpose of the guidelines above is for you to have a smooth reimbursement claim process. As one of the leading packers and movers company we at Packers want our clients to have a claim process which is transparent and without any pitfalls. The idea behind this is also to get you aware about the documents which are required for submission of reimbursement bill. Many a times people don’t have an idea and when we help you out to provide all related documents in case you have taken relocation services from us or have lost the bill after taking relocation services from others. When we provide you all related documents the bills which you submit at your office are passed and paid without any objections. In a way your happiness and satisfaction is the motto on which Packers and Movers always focuses.

Packers and Movers Bill For Claim and Its Documents

Packers and movers bill for claim is a professional company that provides services for moving household, office and commercial goods from one location to another in India. Shifting or relocation is a lengthy and time consuming process involving packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking of the goods.

The services provided by packers and movers bill for claim include local, Intercity, and long-distance moving of House, office, vehicle transportation, and storage solutions. They offer customized services to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Packers and movers bill for claim provided by us is approved by top-notch companies in India and globally. Past many years, we have evolved and adapted all tex roles and benchmarks set by the government in the moving and transport industry.

If you are searching for Packers and Movers Bill for claim your relocation charges from your working company? We are happy to serve you by fulfilling all your needs. We at, Packers and Movers Bill for claim have many years of experience and expertise in this field. We work and serve in very genuine and safe ways to give you fully satisfied service from our side. Our organization is always being there for you.

Our dedicated staff members also advise you about Packing and Moving and Relocation processes and also give tips on how to submit your relocation bill in your company. It is very complicated and difficult task for some folks. But with the help of our support team you can make it easily. But you have to know some vital tips and ideas about the documents, which will provide you from our side. Packers and Movers Bill for claim gives you the some useful detail about such documents.

Consignee copy of Packers and Movers Bill for Claim

3 Set of Quotation-

In some cases, your IT company may ask you for at least 3 sets of quotations to be submitted from the different relocation companies. So you have to contact 3 packers and movers get the quotation from them and submit it to your company. Your company may final one of the packers by which you can shift your goods. These will be pre-shifting documents your company may need for. After shifting you have to submit all valid and original documents of invoices for the reimbursement process.

A list of documents must have in the packers and movers bill for claim process.

  • 1. Consignee copy
  • 2. LR copy (Lorry Receipt)
  • 3. Bill or Invoice Copy
  • 4. Item List
  • 5. Transit Insurance (Optional)
  • 6. Cash Memo or Money Receipt (Optional)

Consignee Copy-

Consignee copy of Packers and Movers Bill for Claim

This is your first copy provided by the consigner to you. It will fill up with Consigner and consignee name and address with your contact numbers. There will be three carbon copies of this copy will be prepared. One is Consignee copy second one is Consigner copy and with that driver copy and one carbon copy for head office only. This copy is the proof that you move or shift or relocate with your household goods from one place to another. Your Consignment note or L.R. numbers are also printed on that document. This copy is also called as Billty.

The Consignee have the below information:

  • 1. Company Name, Address and content details
  • 2. Consignment no and date
  • 3. GSTN number
  • 4. Customer from and destination city details
  • 5. Customer Mobile no and receiver mobile no
  • 6. Item Type, its count and its weight
  • 7. Company Seal and Signature
  • 8. Mode of Packing and Truck type

LR copy (Lorry Receipt)-

When you shift your goods from one city to another via truck, We, as packers and movers generate an LR copy known as Lorry Receipt, there would be three copies will be generated the original one will be with you, one copy will be with drive and the third cop will be us (Packers and movers company). Once the driver reaches destiny, the driver will ask you to show the original copy of LR, after authentication driver will proceed for unloading. This LR copy is very important in the reimbursement process in the corporate. If in any case, you lost the LR copy for any reason, then you have to request the company for a duplicate copy for the process.

The LR Copy have the below information:

  • 1. Company Name, Address and content details
  • 2. LR no and Date
  • 3. Customer from and destination city details
  • 4. Customer Mobile no and receiver mobile no
  • 5. Company Seal and Signature
  • 6. Truck Type, Truck Registered no
  • 7. Driver Details along with contact no

Bill or Invoice Copy-

Bill or Invoice of Packers and Movers Bill for Claim

This is your second copy for relocation reimbursement. In that copy total cost of your shifting is mentioned. It has packed and Moving cost, Transportation cost, Loading and Unloading cost, Car and Vehicle Transportation cost, Service Tax, Insurance Charges, Toll Naka Charges and some statically charges. These Charges depend on the volume and weight of your household goods or other kind of goods. Your company will reimburse that amount which will print on a bill or Invoice copy provided you by the consigner.

The Bill or Invoice Copy have the below information:

  • 1. Company Name, Address and content details
  • 2. Customer name and Date
  • 3. GSTN, PAN and TIN no
  • 4. Amount of Charges
  • 5. GSTN % or any other charges if involved
  • 6. Company account no and Seal
  • 7. Item Weight and no of items

Item List or Goods Details List-

Item list of Packers and Movers Bill for Claim

This is one of the most important documents which are necessary to you for submitting when you claim from your company. This list keeps all the detail about your goods which is packed and moved from your first place to another. You can put your particular goods value in front of the goods. This part makes this document so important. And the value putted by you is helpful for the transit insurance.

The Item list have the below information:

  • 1. Company Name, Address and content details
  • 2. Customer name and source city name
  • 3. All items details along with SR no and values
  • 4. Both company representative and customer signature

Transit Insurance (Optional)-

While you moving your goods from one place to other there may be changes of damage or losses caused by accidents, theft, fire, or natural disasters. Most of the time packers and movers don't have their own transit insurance facility, so they have tie-up with insurance companies such as ICIC lomabird, united insurance and etc. Being a house owner, its up to your flexibility whether you need transit insurance or not, but it is always a wise decision to take transit insurance during movement. However, Transit insurance is not a mandatory document for packers and movers bill for claim reimbursement process.

Cash Memo or Money Receipt (Optional)-

Cash Memo or cash Receipt of Packers and Movers Bill for Claim

This is your third copy provided by Packers and Movers. Once the consigner gets payment from you after the completion of work, He gives you that money receipt. Either the Packers got the full payment or you keep some money to pay at unloading or delivery point.

Reimbursement Procedure –

After getting such document you can submitted them to your company H.R. and they will checked it and survey it. When they found it ok are genuine they will pass your claim. Some company needs three or more quotation for choosing you to select the minimum rates offer from any of the packers from which you get quotation for your relocation. And they pass your claim with only that vendor’s document. Packers and Movers Bill help you on all platforms from start to end. We also provide you so many quotations from different Packers and Movers. With help of that you can choose and select one of the minimum costs charged by anyone of them. Thanks for visiting and selecting us for your Packers and Movers Bill for Claim.

Customer Review

I have taken shifting service with a packers and movers bill to submit to my company for reimbursement. This company help me to get the right setup documents and invoice with GST no. They handled my new company service verification and my shipping amount was refunded in a short period of time.

Amol Patel
S Develper at Intelsoft

I have taken a packers and movers bill and successfully submitted it at the time of ITR filing and got the advantage on tax. This company is genuine and I will suggest taking this company service and legitimately saving your money. However, the shifting service is great.

Deepal Roul
Team Leader at VS Digital

Recently my company shifted me from Bangalore to Mumbai for which my company asked me for 3 sets of shifting quotations. helps to find the right and top 2 relocation company er me. One of my qutation got approved by my company and the genuine documents of the packers invoice get my amount reserved from my company.

Manoj Saha
Manger at SG Infotech

I have moved from Delhi to Chennai and struggling to find the right shifting solution to shift my house. I have come across so many local packers who don have proper invoice systems which cant be accepted by my company. Finally, I found this site has all in one solution with very genuine and proper format packers and movers bill for claim. Thanks

Sitaramanan Iyer
Develper ai Infosys

Being a banker I moved from Guwahati to Pune and this company help me to find and avail a right shifting company with IBA approval. IBA-approved packers is very necessary to get my shifting cost refunded this company did a great job to find it. Genuine bill and give me 6 sets of proper documents which make my work easy. Appreciated.

Priyanka Bhora
SBI Banker


How to find genuine packers and movers invoices (Bill) for claim?

When you are taking service from genuine and registered packers and movers they can generate genuine packers and movers invoices (bill) along with bilty, LR copy and Item list. A genuine bill includes multiple pricing factors such as packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking.

Genuine packers and movers bills have all the necessary details, such as the name and address of the company, GST, TAN number, the date of the move, the mode of transportation, and the cost of the services.

If you want to get genuine packers and movers for reimbursement without moving your household goods then contact some goods and register packers and movers who can not only give you original and genuine documents but also support HR verification during reimbursement.

Packers and movers bill for claim samples in PDF format.

Packers and movers bills consist of multiple documents, here are all the documents in a single image.

  • 1. Consignee copy
  • 2. LR copy (Lorry Receipt)
  • 3. Bill or Invoice Copy
  • 4. Item List
  • 5. Transit Insurance (Optional)
  • 6. Cash Memo or Money Receipt (Optional)

How to generate packers and movers bill for claim?

Generating a packers and movers bill for claim can be done using Photoshop but background verification may fail which may cause an issue in your professional carrier. It is always recommended to generate packers and movers bills for claims from an authentic and registered relocation company. Still, if you want to generate bills in PDF use can use our packers and movers bill generator for bill samples.

Does Packers and movers E-Bill Work for reimbursement?

Earlier companies are more intended for hard copies of bills for the process of reimbursement. But, nowadays the increasing use of technology, many packers and movers companies now offer E-Bills or electronic bills for their services. These E-Bills have the same legal validity as physical bills and can be used for reimbursement purposes. But it is very important that E-bill have all valid information with other vital information. It is also important that your company is accepting E-Bill for reimbursement. But honestly, nowadays all are accepting√ E-Bill to save paper and effort.

How to get fake packers and movers bill for reimbursement?

When you are getting a new job in a new city and your new company is paying for your relocation but you don’t have any goods to relocate but you want the reimbursement amount that time you may need a fake packers and movers bill for reimbursement.

We strongly recommended you not obtain a fake bill for reimbursement as it is unethical and illegal. It is important to obtain genuine bills and invoices for reimbursement as false claims can impact your professional carrier.

If you need a genuine bill you can contact a validated and reputed relocation company and get a genuine bill/invoice that can also clear all your post shifting verification.

Do IT companies cross check the bills submitted for packers and movers reimbursement?

In 1st scenario when your company pays you or reimburses you for the relocation cost, first they need 3 sets of quotations and they will finalise a quotation depending on some factors such as company reputation, pricing and other documentation. After that, you have to shift with that particular company and in that case, the company may not cross check.

In the 2nd scenario if you do shifting and submit the packers and movers bill/invoice for reimbursement then there is a probability that HR may do a quick cross check of the invoice involving other activities such as a call to the packers and movers company, website or business verification, GSTN no cross check from the gov portal and so on.

So it is very important that you should procure an original and genuine packers and movers bill for your claim process.

How can I Get packers and movers GST bill for claim?

If you are hiring a certified packers and mover move your house they can give you a GST bill by which you can claim your reimbursement. Normally packers and movers bill comes with 18% GST. If you have any doubts about company GST or you want to verify company GST details use Indian GST portal. This will give you assurance that company have a valid GST no.


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