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Packers and Movers Bill Mumbai - Movers and Packers Mumbai Bill - Packers and Movers Bill for Claim Mumbai - ISO Certified - GOI Approved Packers Bill - [ Trusted & Verifed Packers Bill ]

Searching for Packers and Movers Mumbai Bill for claim? If getting claims for relocation charges from your organization is currently on your mind, allow us – the experts in the industry to help you. We are more than happy to serve you the best. Fulfilling all of your specific requirements is our prime motto. At Movers and Packers bill for claim Mumbai, we hold several years of experience and expertise in the field. Our team of professionals at work is committed to serve in all ways and ensure genuine and safe ways to get claims from your workplace. Our organization will assist you anytime anywhere you need.

Our dedicated staff will also advise you on the entire relocation processes. You will get expert tips on various ways to submit your packing and moving bill to your company. This may seem easy but is very complicated. It is tough and demands a lot of time. Our support team holds many years of experience in helping home owners relocate to their desired destination. If you are planning to relocate and avail of a bill for claim, here are some vital tips and ideas associated with the documents. These tips have come straight from our experts.

Here's what you need to know all about Packers and Movers Mumbai Bill for Claim and the documents:

Consignee Copy

This refers to the first copy provided by the consigner to you. It comprises of name and address of consigner and consignee name along with your contact numbers. Four carbon copies for the first copy is made:

  • Consignee copy
  • Consigner copy
  • Driver copy
  • Carbon copy for head office only

This copy is the proof that you move or shift or relocate with your household goods from one place to another. Your Consignment note, also known as L.R. numbers are also printed on that document. This copy is widely referred to as Builty.

Invoice Copy -

An invoice copy can be seen as second copy for jobs related to moving reimbursement. Here, the total cost of shifting is described in detail. It comprises of the following listed below:

  • Moving cost
  • Transportation cost
  • Loading cost
  • Unloading cost
  • Car and Vehicle Transportation cost
  • Insurance Charges
  • Charges for Toll Naka Charges
  • Certain statically charges

These charges basically depend on the volume and weight of your household goods. Your company will reimburse the amount printed on a bill or Invoice copy provided you by the consigner.

Receipt for Money

This is third copy provided by Packers and Movers. As soon as the consigner gets payment from you post completion of work, he will provide you with that money receipt.

The List

This is certainly one of the most crucial documents necessary to submit at your workplace when you wish to make a claim from the company. This list for items is a record for all details related to your goods packed and moved from your present place to final destination. You may also place specific goods value in front of the goods. Hence, the document serves as a crucial element of any mover.

The Procedure for Reimbursement

Once you get this document, simply submit them to H.R. (Human Resources) department of your company. They will assess and survey it properly. Once the management finds the documents ok (free of errors) and genuine, they will pass your claim.

There are some companies that demand at least three or more quotation. You can choose minimum rates offer from packers for relocation. They will pass your claim with vendor’s document. Bill from packers and movers will help you and handle all aspects of move right from start till the end. We as professional organization will also provide you some quotations from reputed packers and movers services. This will help you choose one of the minimum costs charged these companies.

Thanks for visiting and choosing our services. We ensure the best Movers and Packers Mumbai Bill claim experience today and always.